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PoutineFest FAQ's

October 12 - 15, 2023

Are there gluten free, vegan or vegetarian options?

If you have dietary concerns, please speak directly with the individual poutinerie.  Some make gluten free or vegan gravy and will have signage, others' vegetarian poutine may have meat based gravy, just be sure to double check before ordering. 


Where can I enjoy an alcoholic beverage?

Visit one of Sparks Street's amazing patios, pubs, or restaurants who will have full menu and drink lists available - late night too! 


Can I bring my poutine into a Sparks Street patio, pub, or restaurant?

Many do try to accommodate this, with the purchase of a beverage, but please check with the establishment first.


Is there a price of admission?

It's definitely FREE to come hang out and enjoy the festival, you just pay for what you eat. 

Can I pay by card or cash for my Poutine?

Most vendors accept both methods of payment - be sure to double check before ordering! If you need cash, there are multiple banking institutions located along Sparks Street where you can access an ATM.

Can I bring my dog(s), cat, lizard, parrot etc?

You sure can, on leash pets are welcome - but if you have a reactive pet in crowds, around children, or around other pets -we ask that you simply leave them to relax at home (they'll be ok for a few hours right?) 

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