Sparks IQ: Trivia Tuesdays!

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In the spirit of classic pub trivia, each Tuesday direct from one of Sparks Street's impeccable patios, we're asking Ottawa to test their IQ about all things Sparks! Our question of the week could be anything from the things you see, to historical & nostalgic knowledge of our amazing pedestrian street.

Sparks IQ Trivia runs July 13 – September 2 on both our Instagram and Facebook pages. That's right - double the chance to test your knowledge & win! You can enter each week! Just comment on the #SparksIQTrivia question with your answer to be automatically entered into the weekly draw for a Sparks IQ Gift Bag complete with a $50.00 Gift card to the patio featured to enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of victory at one our fabulous restos.

Every Thursday the answer & our winner will be revealed - keep your eyes open for the #TBT post!

Week 1 From Spin Kitchen’s Patio at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel:

Question: What was the original name of the top floor restaurant at the Marriott Hotel?

Answer: La Ronde! The revolving restaurant is now a banquet space called Summit, and yes! It still revolves (and is rentable).

Congrats to our Round 1 Winners Lynn & Summer!

Week 2 From D'Arcy McGee's Patio:

Question: How many pint glasses (on their side) would it take to line the entirety of Sparks Street (Elgin to Bronson Ave)?

Answer: 86,667! For the mathematically inclined: (15cm/6 inches per pint glass) total distance of Sparks on foot from Elgin to Bronson is 1.3kms (130,000 centimeters) = 86,667 pint glasses. Phew! 🤓

Congrats to our Round 2 Winners Garth & Michelle!

Week 3 from Riviera's Patio:


A Sparks Street Bank Teller AKA “The Champagne Robber” emptied the safe at the former Imperial Bank of Canada (currently Riviera's wine cellar). A total of $260,958 (approx. 2.1 million today) was stolen before he took off on a lavish lam - about a month later arrested in Denver Colorado. What year did this take place?

Answer: #TBT to August 2018, when Boyne Lester Johnston returned to the scene of the crime 60 years later, with a simple reservation to enjoy cocktails at the home of his once great heist. This uncanny return to the scene of the crime was a notable experience by the team at Riviera Ottawa and received international media attention. The year of the heist was 1958!

Congrats to our Round 3 Winners Heather & Brian!

Week 4:

Coming up in August 3rd's #SparksIQTrivia Tuesday post!

With summer weather here, we’re excited to be welcoming you all back to Sparks Street! Please remember to follow all health and safety policies each business has in place! #Stage3HereWeGo!

For full contest rules, please click HERE. Cheers!

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