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Reduce, Re-use, Re-Hydrate on Sparks!

Sparks Street's new water bottle filling fountains are making a splash! Cool down with sustainable confidence as we roll out our brand new stations.

Convenient when you're on the go, just BYOB (Bring your Own Bottle) and fill 'er up!

The bottle filling stations are in place from May to October so feel free to stop, pop, and sip.


You can find the water bottle fill stations attached to some of the phone booth structures along Sparks Street. These structures house our water and electric supply which fuel our festivals as well as these awesome little refill stations. They run on Ottawa's city drinking water which "is treated at two purification plants and subsequently distributed through more than 3,000 kilometres of water mains before arriving at your tap". You can also find them on the Google Ottawa Bike Amenities Map.

The water bottle fill stations are of a lead-free design and mechanically-activated with minimal splash. They are corrosion protected using base material constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel with a sealed Freeze Resistant Valve System, minimizing any chance of ground water contamination, and prevents drain water from mixing with fresh water.

The units are GreenSpec listed, and installed to accessibility requirement standards.

In addition, we're working on partnering with a local distributor to procure reusable bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of EcoSmart® products will be donated to environmental nonprofits.

Public access drinking water is an important element brought forward by the amazing community participation in the Public Realm Plan.

Brought to you in partnership with the Sparks Street Mall Authority .

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