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COVID-19 Stage 3: Highlights

Pat yourselves on the back and give yourselves air-high fives. YOU, yes, YOU pandemically amazing people have made tremendous progress in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

You look great in your masks, by the way! Stage 3 is here! Nervous? Excited? Still processing?

Huge, gigantic thanks to the sacrifice and hard work of frontline heroes and volunteers, and the personal responsibility shown by YOU, the people of our awesome City and incredible province.

Here are some highlights for Stage 3 that you can look forward to:

  • Indoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 50 people

  • Outdoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 100 people

  • Social circles should continue to be kept at 10 people province-wide, regardless of stage

  • All restaurants, bars, concession stands, and other food and drink establishments may open for indoor dine-in

  • Singing or music may be performed by a person or group at the restaurant or bar, with restrictions, including barriers between the performers and patrons and physical distancing

  • Facilities for sports and recreational fitness activities include gyms, fitness studios, and community centres

  • All special events, instructional classes and performances at these locations are subject to gathering limits and physical distancing measures

  • Attractions and heritage institutions, including museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos, science centres, landmarks, historic sites and similar attractions were permitted to reopen in Stage 2

  • In addition to the exhibits opened in Stage 2, high-contact surfaces such as interactive exhibits and displays may open

  • Personal care services, including but not limited to hair salons, spas, tanning salons, tattoo studios, diet centres and beauty salons, were permitted to open in Stage 2

  • In addition to the services permitted in Stage 2, all services that tend to a customer’s face are permitted (e.g., facials, ear piercing, eyebrow grooming and eyelash extensions)

  • Outdoor playgrounds and play structures are permitted to reopen in Stage 3

  • Indoor recreational activities can resume in Stage 3. (e.g. arcade rooms, escape rooms, bowling alleys, and pool halls)

  • Amateur and recreational sports leagues may resume so long as they do not allow prolonged or deliberate physical contact between players or if they have modifications to avoid physical contact between players

Gentle reminder, Stage 3 does not mean that the fight against this deadly virus is over — far from it. Everyone must continue to be vigilant and follow public health advice and workplace safety guidelines. This will help limit outbreaks and reduce the risk of undoing the significant progress we have made together over the past several months.

This is about treating each other with respect and taking personal responsibility, so that we can successfully beat COVID-19.

Now come for a visit. Sparks Street would love to have you.

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