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Future of Sparks Public Realm

As part of developing the Public Realm Plan, the City of Ottawa and its partners are committed to engaging the public about the future of the iconic public space known as the Sparks Street Pedestrian Mall – how should it be used, what should it look like, and how should it be programmed. The City is reaching out to:

  • Residents

  • Business Owners

  • Landowners

  • Surrounding Community Associations

  • Government Agencies, and others who may be interested in sharing their perspectives and ideas on the future of Sparks Street.


Public engagement will conclude early in 2019 with a report to Finance and Economic Development Committee and Council. During the public engagement period, the City will gather feedback using:

  • Online questionnaires

  • Design workshops

  • Information sessions, and

  • E-mail

At the end of the engagement period, City staff will recommend to Council the approval of the preferred Public Realm Plan to guide investments, improvements and phased renewal of the Sparks Street right-of-way between Elgin and Lyon Streets.  


For more information and to participate:

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