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Winterlude on Sparks Street: 2024

Embrace Canadian winter and join the excitement on Sparks Street!

We're hosting the 46th edition of Winterlude, right here on Sparks Street and we couldn't be more excited! For those who don't know, Winterlude is a celebration of Canada's unique northern culture and climate. It was inspired by our ancestors who would gather to enjoy each other's company during the long winter months. It has since become a tradition for many folks in the Ottawa-Gatineau area to visit the festival and enjoy performances, local art and more!


What You Can Expect To See

Kick off the first official day with a walk down Sparks to observe impressive ice masterpieces including a few Indigenous ice carving showcases such as:

  • Celebration of Nunavut's 25th Anniversary

  • Metis life during the bison hunt ice

  • Ojibwe Spirit Horses, inspired by Ronda Snow

Every weekend until the festival ends, you'll be able to learn about the history behind the main Parliament Building (Centre Block) through an immersive 360 journey. Located at 211 Sparks Street, you can experience the art, architecture and history of this iconic building in vivid detail. Tickets are free and you can reserve yours here!

OLG Buskerfest meets Winterlude in the crossover of the year!

See feature entertainers from across Ontario and Quebec and celebrate winter with outdoor shows that the entire family can enjoy.

And if that wasn't enough, we also have outdoor drag shows featuring performances from Karamilk, Devona Coe and other drag icons who will be bringing the heat to Sparks street! Enjoy the energetic shows between O'Connor and Metcalfe on Sparks (and bring your dance moves to stay warm)


Phew, we're tired just talking about it all...

Oh, that reminds us! If you need a place to rest your feet and grab some refreshments, (which we have a feeling you might) a few of our restaurants are offering the perfect winter patio experience to kick back, relax and refuel. Check them out:

All of this and so much more right here in the heart of downtown Ottawa! If you're looking to personalize your Winterlude experience and want to see what else our street has to offer, visit here!

Stay warm & we'll see you there!

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