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Sparks Street Green Zone

Have you walked down Sparks Street lately? What a breath of fresh air! We have a new Green Zone between Metcalfe and O’Connor!

We’ve implemented a new pilot project, greening the space in front of the old CIBC building at 119 Sparks Street. New on the street are wooden planter boxes home to a variety of annuals and vines that will grow up trellis. We’ve also added some honey locust trees!

With the help of Ottawa landscaping experts, Lafleur De La Capitale Inc, we’ve identified plants that are known to thrive in our climate. The vines include Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper, and Climbing Dipladenia. Other boxes are holding Petunias, Potato Vine, and Dracaena (Spike Plant) as well as four young honey locust trees.

Interspersed between the plants and trees, we’ve provided seating with our red Adirondack chairs for visitors to relax on their walk up or down Sparks. Fun fact, did you know our Adirondack chairs are made from 100% recycled plastic? That’s 579 recycled milk jugs! We have made a commitment to being as sustainable as possible in all our project planning.

Conveniently, this little oasis is also located on the Block that is hosting our FREE WIFI Pilot project! You can log on to the Sparks Street Public Wifi network for free data while you rest in our mini garden-loft like space!

Grab a coffee, have a seat, take a beat, and enjoy the scenery (or the wifi!) while relaxing in our new little Green Zone on Sparks! Be sure to tag us into any photos you post on social media! 🌱🌿

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