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Shed Mural Art on Sparks!

Sparks has been behind on the mural scene with our lack of available WALLS, so we've gone and found other surfaces to beautify! Up first is our beloved Songs from the Shed!

With 3 surfaces prime for the mural-ing, we teamed up with 3 local artists who have picked up their paints and our challenge! We installed canvases over our Shed's walls so @falldowng, @sssnakeboooy, and @a2dead could created upBEAT fun art to march across our little street performing venue!

The Shed is best known for our bi-weekly summer live music shows, Songs from the Shed. In fact, it is a multi-purpose space that’s been used for exciting events like Winterlude Karaoke and DJ-ing too. It is a mini mobile venue we have big plans for once it is safe to do more on the street again!

This mural depicts "Music & Community," giving context to our versatile shed with one panel for each side showcasing the fun and importance of music as a unifying force in our community.

The mural integrates beautifully into our ongoing programming efforts. It showcases, celebrates, and supports the creative interpretation and presentation of music as a cultural theme in a way that is local, fun, interactive and engaging - whether the space is being actively animated or simply part of the street's visual fabric.

Curious about the talented artists behind the paint?

Let's get to know them!

⬇ ⬇ ⬇

Born and raised in Ottawa, Azdead has been drawing and creating from an early age. He's taken the city by foot, and many a bicycle path – finding inspiration in the urban heart of the core and surrounding greenspaces. Azdead’s work has been featured in many local collectives, House of Paint, Art Battle and other public art initiatives. Their work continuously evolves as collaborations and commissions keep concepts fresh and point of views elaborate with vivid illustration. Works can be found in private collections, local Ottawa restaurant establishments, and educational institutions. You’ll find Azdead immersed in paint, and dirt – the best tools for an animated mind and hands.

Snakeboy Steven Whiffen, professionally known as Snakeboy, was born and raised in Ottawa. Snakeboy's showcased art at 3 solo shows in the city, displaying dynamic acrylics & canvas art. Snakeboy also contributes to collaborative shows such as Art Battle, House of Paint, Waves, and Festival de Montgolfier's Graffiti Competition. Art is his passion - currently pursuing a tattoo mentorship, an experiment with different mediums, with incredible passion as his drive – he continues to make a name for himself with local commissions in the following platforms: canvas, digital, prints, murals, and more.

"I started drawing on t – shirts with sharpies over a decade ago. I made every piece myself, and even now everything I make has its own unique vision. With recognition and popularity, Falldown Clothing soon became Falldown Gallery. The gallery was a small hub for Ottawa artists to showcase and sell their work, network, and host events. The Gallery ran from 2010 and closed in 2015. Staying true to Ottawa's art scene and helping push the community involvement I now host a monthly community group show called (Waves). Murals and commissions have been my outlet for the past couple years, learning new techniques and strengthening my progression. I am proud to say that Ottawa is my home, and plan to watch my daughter grow up here, Rukah is the next generation and my future." - Robbie Lariviere, Falldown Gallery

Beginning in Stage 2: not only can you check out the new art, but you can also catch live behind-the-plexi-glass performances every Tuesday & Thursday 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.!

You'll find the shed on Sparks between O'Connor and Bank.

Tag us into your pics/vids @sparks_street!




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