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It's Here: Play & Grow on Sparks Street

Updated: Apr 29

What is this project all about?

We recently had the opportunity to bring fun and functionality to a not-so-exciting spot on Sparks Street. Our urban planting beds went under construction, transforming into a relaxing spot that people of all ages could enjoy. Whether you're simply passing through and need a place to rest your feet or you're hoping your kids will burn some of their energy before heading home, Play & Grow on Sparks is the place for you.

How to enjoy the Play & Grow site on Sparks Street:

  • Grab a coffee and soak up some sunshine (or find a shaded spot to keep cool)

  • Let the kids run around on these steel and concrete imaginary mountains to burn some energy.

  • Bring a book and grab a bite to-go at one of the local spots nearby.

This program was completed as part of the Canada Community Revitalization Fund supported by FedDev Ontario. We couldn't thank them enough for their support in making this project happen.

See you there!

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