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Ottawa Bike Café

The scent of roasting beans and a new patio catching your attention when you turn onto Sparks? Just past the Statue of Joy, at 79b Sparks Street, you’ll spot a new Coffee Shop on the block! One of the first of its kind in the city - Ottawa Bike Café!

Owners of Retro-Rides, Jason Komendat, and Escape Bicycle Tours, Maria Rasouli, have teamed up yet again to bring Ottawa a fun spot to meet up, have a cup of coffee or a refreshing cool down beverage and a snack before gearing up for your next cycle tour. Or perhaps you’re stopping in to caffeinate your commute!

This newest downtown hotspot it a central hub to stop in for a bite, drink, meet up, or bike tune up. No bike? No problem! They also rent, sell, and rent-to-own bicycles on site. This is a cyclist’s dream spot with an outdoor space to park and rest mid trip within a like-minded community.

Even if you don’t partake in a 2-wheeled commute, it’s a great café to grab your morning/afternoon fuel with a uniquely built patio for people watching. All are welcome! Once restrictions lift, you can grab a seat indoors or outdoors, or you can even take it to go with one of their Bike Picnic Packages!

Ottawa Bike Café & Escape Bicycle Tours

The café offers local Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee, Organic Genuine Tea, specialty cold and hot drinks, baked goods from Bread & Sons, and sandwiches... and much of it is picked up fresh daily via BIKE! That’s right, even the catering is coming in by cycle!

If it's not locally sourced, it's likely made in-house, including their vanilla and chocolate syrups and their lemonade with fresh lemons and organic cane sugar! They recently asked the public to help name their new drink menu on their Instagram page.

The vibe inside is industrial and hip with an incredible wall mural by local artist Fall Down. The main décor is the colourful display of bikes hung from the walls and around the shop which flows right over to the café counter where you can order up your food and beverages.

The Ottawa Bike Café officially opened it’s doors for takeaway-only on May 3, 2021. They are open daily from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Closed on weekends at this time. As soon as restrictions lift, they very much look forward to welcoming you to visit, check out the new digs, and enjoy the sun on the patio!

Check out the grand opening CTV coverage from July 10, 2021 HERE.

Please remember to respect the safety of our pedestrian street and walk your bike while on Sparks Street! Ride on Ride on Ride on!

Ottawa Bike Café


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