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Masks on Sparks Street

Now that the City of Ottawa has been mandated to adopt mandatory mask use within enclosed (indoor) public spaces, we’ve got to step up and continue our nation’s progress towards crushing the curve of COVID-19!

It’s important for us to protect our community and it is our responsibility as citizens to ensure we follow these new regulations.

There are a variety of options open to us (assuming you do not require a medical grade mask) including making our own masks at home. Scarves, bandannas, cloth, and makeshift filters from coffee to paper towel how-to guides are circling the internet at present.

If DIY isn’t your thing, we strongly encourage you to support local businesses and keep an eye out for ‘Made in Canada’. Several of our members on Sparks Street have recognized the need for readily accessible and reusable non-medical masks and have stocked their shelves to make it easier (especially for those in the downtown core) to purchase masks. Some of these sellers also offer online ordering.

Here are businesses NOW selling non-medical masks on Sparks Street:

Benton's Menswear, located in 240 Sparks, is making non-medical masks for adults and children. They are available for $18 each with next day in store pick up or shipping. Benton’s Menswear partners with CHEO and some of the proceeds of their tailor-made mask sales goes to the foundation. You can buy these Canadian-made masks on their website.

Canada’s Four Corners is selling made in Canada, all cotton, reversible masks with pocket for filter from $16.98 - $19.98. They have adult and child sizes in a variety of Canadiana styles true to their store. You can call at 613-233-2322 or visit them at 115 Sparks Street.

Morgante Menswear recently stocked their shelves with Canadian-made adult face masks which are produced with 3-ply cotton with removable filter. They are washable and match the styles of their sharp shirt designs. They run for $25 each and can be found in store at 141 Sparks Street. You can also call in advance: (613) 234-2232.

Winners on Sparks is now selling reusable 100% cotton masks in small, medium, and large which accommodates children to adults. Some are equipped with a filter pocket and they range from $12.99 - $24.99 in black, white, or gray. You can visit them at 155 Queen Street at the corner of Sparks.

If you’re in a pinch and need a quick disposable mask, you can pop into either the Swatch Store or Jewellery Plus II for a $1.99 paper adult-sized mask. They are located at 91 and 145 Sparks Street respectively.

Remember before judging strangers: not all individuals are able to wear a mask! For those who can, MASK UP and do so proudly because you are doing it primarily for the safety and wellbeing of others.

Tag us into your Sparks masks on social media! We’d love to see you out and about enjoying the open air on our historical pedestrian street in safety and style 😉.

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