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Make Waves on Sparks: Light Court

Enjoy Sparks after Dark and discover our new Light Court between Metcalfe & O'Connor.

Our newest playful pilot is an open ended space of ambient waves of light.

SPARK your creativity, illuminate your senses, perform a monologue, be a zombie, get your fashion show on, serve some dance moves, take ALL the pics...because if all the world's a stage, Light Court plays the role.....As You Like It...

Big thanks to Creative Labs Inc for helping our unique vision come to...light.

Explore our shops, restaurants, services, tours, and so much more on Sparks, all while enjoying a fresh walk downtown.

If you’re inspired to take photos along our Light Court, please tag us in @sparks_street!

We love seeing our visitors out enjoying #MySparksStreet 🧡 📸

Be sure to visit before November 15th if you're looking to check out this latest pilot project!

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