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Get Cosy on Sparks: Hot Cocoa Crawl

'Tis the season for family, fresh air & twinkling lights on Sparks Street!

We’re giving you the best places to stop in, sip & warm up (take-out too) while enjoying your downtown Winter Wander. BONUS, we've got major instagrammable large scale interactive light décor up on Sparks Street this holiday season!

Sparks Street turns holiday wonderland. Trending in Ottawa are people ho-ho-home for the holidays, looking to experience glowing lights. As a partner of Christmas Lights Across Canada, Sparks Street has decked our blocks with twinkling lights and Christmas trees. We've added several lit surprises too! We're a safe, pedestrian-friendly, FREE destination for you to stroll and take in the holiday scenery with opportunity to pop in to all our great businesses to warm up and get your gift shopping started.

Ottawa is now pro at supporting local businesses - and this time of year they need and appreciate it more than ever!

Check out all the great spots you can visit to satisfy those hot bevvy cravings! We've even got two NEW locations in Sparks Street's BIA with Little Victories & Ottawa Bike Café having opened up this year!

Sparks Street Hot Cocoa Crawl

44 Elgin Street

Photos by Mel's Hangry Table

This incredible flagship café is now open. "Start Every Day With A Little Victory" Come by to have an amazing coffee experience one of the most beautiful buildings in Ottawa.

LVC's meticulous attention to detail and passion for coffee becomes more apparent with every sip. Owned and operated by two coffee professionals - one roaster and one barista. They are dedicated to elevating the coffee culture in Ottawa and contributing to the bustling Canadian coffee scene.

79 Sparks Street

Ottawa Bike Café is a place to connect and share your passion for biking, the outdoors, and great food! Enjoy delicious house-made soups, baked goods, specialty & seasonal hot and cold drinks, and refreshing beer, wine or cider! There is always something happening at OBC! Check their social pages for the live music, cycling, movement and art workshops.

30 Metcalfe Street

Simplicity and quality are key when it comes to a delicious hot cocoa. Le Moulin de Provence KD provides a private space to share a meal and enjoy company. Large, bright windows create an open distanced space. Savour your hot chocolate with lights aglow and a little chocolate on the side. Their signature, incredible hot cocoa offerings go beyond traditional!

96 Sparks St

Bridgehead is your neighbourhood hub, your creativity incubator, your motivation to leave the warm comfort of your bed in the morning. They work with small-scale farmers to bring you exceptional beverages. This stunning hot cocoa (available in to go cup) has incredible chocolate from Olivia Chocolatiers in Gatineau. Fair trade, organic deliciousness with whipped cream on top. Try the Peppermint too!

181 Queen Street

The biggest flakes of chocolate in your whipped cream cup of cocoa. The Presse Café team adores what they do and look forward to having you and your family. Pop in for a visit in the gorgeous airy café, lots of distanced seating & relaxing tunes. Getting your cup to go would be their pleasure as well. Welcome winter, welcome warmth in your hand.

100 Kent St

The holidays are here and festive coffees are back at Starbucks. Light whip or piled fluffy and sky high - extra cocoa on top. Whatever your mood, no doubt it's holly jolly with these festive cups in hand. Steamed milk and mocha sauce topped with sweetened whipped cream and a chocolate-flavored drizzle. A timeless classic made to sweeten your spirits as you stroll downtown.

89 Sparks St

Steamed, frothy, drizzled chocolatey goodness, freshly poured to order. Creperie Rim is the bright and funky home to a family-run business. Stop in for a visit and enjoy a crepe, or two or three! A delicious way to warm up and stay merry in our downtown winter wonderland.

98 Sparks St

A refreshingly smooth spin on the hot cocoa - try our take! The Mocha made with real banana, Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Honey, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk with extra coconut milk on top! Power through your holiday way with the energy and delightfully chocolatey chill sips to go. Perfect for your mitts.

200 Sparks St.

'Tis the Peppermint season! The season for classic Tim Hortons hot chocolate rich and creamy or a candy cane shake up; with options for you to sip and savor all season long, enjoy a Peppermint Mocha, Hot Chocolate, or White Hot Chocolate. YES! It is the most wonderful time of the year.

87 Sparks Street

Bottoms up (to go)! With your hot chocolate from Vie Bella's cosy café, grab a sandwich to make an afternoon of it. Take home their handmade confections, for a little bit of chocolate fun!

Keep on Cocoa Crawling to these great spots:

Timothy's Café: 240 Sparks Street

Palermo Express: 143 Sparks Street

Deli Kat Café: 277 Sparks Street BIG Thank You to all our contributing members!! Be sure to show them some social media love!! #SupportSmallBusiness!

You can also follow along with Mel's Hangry Table blog as she explores Sparks eateries, including a 'Coffee & Bakery Hop'!

We look forward to seeing what YOU'VE tried! Tag us on Social while you're out on your cocoa crawl #WinterWander of #MySparksStreet.

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