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Administration du mail de la rue Sparks

Our mandate is to maintain Sparks Street as an attractive destination encompassing local and national culture by offering:

  • An exciting community mix that works collectively, is diverse, combining financial institutions, restaurants, shops, services, entertainment and more

  • An outdoor environment where pedestrians have priority – an oasis away from traffic, a meeting space that provides a unique experience for families, tourists and business people

  • Streetscape improvement and other amenities: Providing for more pedestrian-friendly lighting, signage, street furniture, planters, banners and sidewalk treatment 

  • An attractive destination that reflects local and national culture and heritage with historically significant and beautiful architecture, views to Parliament Hill and cultural landmarks   

  • A hub that connects downtown Ottawa – convenient and accessible, linking cultural centres and residential areas with hotels, retail, entertainment and dining destinations    and residential areas of Ottawa Centre and beyond

Sparks Street Authority Annual Report 2020 - Click Here


Sparks Street Mall Authority Staff

Kevin McHale
Executive Director

Laura Young

Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Relations

Marissa Lord

Communications and Engagement Director

Bob Rumscheidt

Event and Site Logistics Manager

Sparks Street Mall Authority Board of Directors:

Board Chair:  Kevin Lamer

Program Manager,  Development Inspection, City of Ottawa


Ian Wright
Owner, The Snow Goose


Bill Leonard

Director, Real Estate Management | National Capital Commission 

Michael Swan
Assistant Vice President, Morguard

Scott Lennon

Director - Owner Investor

Public Services and Procurement Canada

Rocque Gameiro


Program, Portfolio and Client Relationship Management/ Parliamentary Precinct Branch

West Block Program and Program Oversight

Public Service and Procurement Canada / Government of Canada

Catherine McKenney
Councillor, Somerset Ward, City of Ottawa

Sparks Street Mall Authority Meeting

Schedule 2022

* Combined Board Meeting   

** Minutes Pending Approval

Meetings will be held virtually, unless otherwise stated.
Meetings are 1-1.5 hours in length depending on the agenda.


Members and public are welcome to attend and observe a meeting.  To participate in the meeting or bring forth an item of discussion, members can request to be put on the agenda within five business days prior to the scheduled meeting date. Contact the Executive Director if you wish to observe or participate in a board meeting –

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