Les mardis et jeudis
De 12 h à 14 h


Amenez votre repas, et laissez vos téléphones à la maison! Vos musiciens favoris d’Ottawa prennent d’assaut les lieux pour y jouer certaines de vos chansons préférées et quelques-unes de leurs propres compositions.

Songs from the Shed


Songs from the Shed Performers


Tuesday, August 4,  12PM - 2PM   Shawn Tavenier
Shawn Tavenier

Shawn Tavenier is one Ottawa musician who’s feeling the deadline pressure in the countdown to the Junos.

Thursday, August 6,  12PM - 2PM
Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper is considered one of Ottawa's finest full-time professional musicians with over 30 years experience based out of Ottawa, Canada. Diverse in original compositions and live music for festivals, fairs, private and corporate events, Ben is also an award winning artist, which has led him to winning the 2005 Canadian Music Week Songwriting Competition and Best Vocalist in the 2003 Emergenza Music Festival. 

Thursday, August 6  12PM - 2PM

Ben Cooper

Tuesday, August 11  12PM - 2PM

Izzy Martinez

Thursday, August 13  12PM - 2PM

Kim Sunstrum

Tuesday, August 18  12PM - 2PM

Jayla Kirkey

Tuesday, August 25  12PM - 2PM

John Carroll

Thursday, August 27  12PM - 2PM

Julie Corrigan